When Does makeup expire? Cheat Sheets

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Its a New Year everyone! January is usually a time to start anything new, a fitness routine, throwing out old things you don’t need, whether its clothes, home decor or maybe its time to restore that table that needs a new coat of varnish or paint.

Same with makeup products, raise your hand if you have a lipstick, a beauty blender sponge or a pot of concealer that you’ve been swiping since the last 2 years because you really love the shade and replacing them is either difficult to purchase or its out of stock. I’m also quite guilty since I am a creature of habit and since it’s convenient and handy, it’s easy to ignore its expiration date. Sponges and products can develop bacteria over time since damp environments can make them harmful when kept long. Think of dipping your fingers into it and putting it in your face, eyes and lips, you get the idea.

Here’s a primary cheat when toss your beauty items.

When Do Products Expire?

Mascara, Liquid Eyeliner, Gel Eyeliner
Replace these products often

12-18 MONTHS
Liquids (foundations, liquid blush, liquid highlighters, lip gloss, etc) Creams (foundations, cream blush, lipstick, lip gloss, cream eyeshadow, etc)
Powder Eyeshadows (Mucus Membrane)

Face Powder Products (powder blush, powder bronzer, powder highlighter, etc) Wooden Pencils (Be sure that you sharpen and spray the sharpener with 70% alcohol each use)”

Brushes & Tools
Clean Lash Curlers & Tweezers and with 70% alcohol each use Clean brushes 1-2x a week (more often if they face skin challenges)
Unopened Products (Most products have a 3 year shelf life, unopened. Once exposed to water, the clock starts)”

With a metallic Sharpie, write the date they purchased the product on the outer package.
Write the day they open the product on the container once they open the product.

I hope with this simple cheat sheet, you can give your makeup bags and cabinets a fresh start.

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