Tips For Preparing For Teeth Whitening!

Teeth whitening is a fantastic treatment that can truly transform your smile, so if you’re considering getting the treatment done, then we’re here with some tips to help you prepare! From choosing the right dentist in Solihull to preparing for sensitivity and aftercare, we’ve got everything covered.

Avoid Home Kits Bought Online

The first tip is the most important, which is to avoid home teeth whitening kits you can buy online. These kits are not only usually unregulated and contain much higher levels of peroxide than is safe for your teeth, but there is no supervision from a dentist to ensure that not only are your teeth healthy enough to be whitened, but that no damage is caused by the very dangerous ingredients in these unregulated kits. Whilst they might be a slightly more affordable choice, your teeth could become damaged and need even more expensive restorative work, so avoiding the temptation of home kits bought online is important. Some dentists offer home kits, however you will have had checks prior to ensure your mouth is healthy, the ingredients are all regulated and completely safe for you to use, and your treatment is overseen by a qualified dentist.

Choose The Right Dentist

Now we know you need to go to a dentist for your teeth whitening treatment, it’s time to help you choose the right one. Going to a fully qualified and regulated dental clinic is essential to not only get you the best results, but also to keep your smile healthy. A good dentist should always bring you in for a consultation and oral health exam to make sure that your teeth are nice and healthy prior to the treatment, if they don’t, then this is a red flag. A good dentist will want to make sure you’re the right candidate, so will see you beforehand.

Use A Toothpaste For Sensitivity

In the run up to your teeth whitening, you should use a toothpaste for sensitivity. It’s normal to experience some sensitivity when whitening your teeth, however using the right toothpaste in the weeks prior to your treatment will help to minimise this. If you already experience bad sensitivity, then your dentist may not recommend this treatment and instead an alternative option to transform your smile. Your Cheltenham dentist will give you all the advice you need in terms of you specifically which is another benefit!

Brush Gently

Before, during and after your teeth whitening treatment, you should brush your teeth gently. The reason that you can experience sensitivity when having teeth whitening is that it can temporarily weaken the enamel on your teeth. If you brush too hard, this can cause further damage, so make sure you’re brushing thoroughly but gently. Many modern electric toothbrushes come with a sensor that identifies when you are brushing too hard, so make sure to pay attention to this if you do have an electric toothbrush. This simple tip could help to keep your teeth healthier through the process!

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