Time Required for Laser Hair Removal?

In spite of the fact that hair grows on every region of the body, some people choose to have it shaved off. Puberty, menopause, pregnancy, inheritance, hormone imbalances, drugs, and other factors can all contribute to an increase in hair growth. Those seeking a permanent solution to their hair problems should visit Laser Skin Care Center for laser hair removal services.

Simply put, how does laser hair removal work?

Painlessly removing hair with a laser focuses on the pigment in your hair follicles. The Cynosure Elite MPX at the Laser Skin Care Center combines the benefits of the Alexandrite and the Nd: YAG wavelengths into a single, convenient system. All skin tones, especially those with medium to dark complexions, can benefit from the 10-25% hair reduction achieved by these two lasers in just one treatment session.

Can you tell me how long it takes to get rid of hair with a laser?

Sessions for laser hair removal typically last an hour or less, however this does vary depending on the size of the region being treated. There is zero recovery time following a laser hair removal session, so you can get right back to your regular routine. The average person needs 6-8 sessions, spaced out every 4-8 weeks.

Laser hair removal has no recovery period, so you can return to your regular routine following your treatment. Sunscreen formulated for sensitive skin is highly recommended. You may feel swollen and sore for a few days; ice might help.

Your hairless skin should last for months to years after your last treatment. Annual touch-ups may be required to keep the effects at their peak.

What Should I Do Before Getting Laser Hair Removal Done?

Avoid using tanning beds and fake tan products at least a month prior to your treatment. Before your session, you can shower and shave, but you shouldn’t wax, pluck, or use an epilator. Contact the Laser Skin Care Clinic during business hours if you have any queries about laser hair removal.

Will laser hair removal work well on me?

People who want smooth legs, upper lips, bikini lines, and other areas can benefit from laser hair removal. Hair removal at the Laser Skin Care Center is painless thanks to the Cynosure Elite MPX, which works on all skin tones, including darker ones, where it can be difficult to target the hair pigment.

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